Christmas Super Frog

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Cross the road without getting run over


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Remember Frogger? That game where you played a frog who had to cross a highway full of cars? Well, now you can play something similar with a Christmas twist.

You still control a frog but now your aim is to try to get to the gifts found at the top of the screen. To get them, you'll have to cross an increasingly busy road, and that done, you'll then have to cross a river by hopping from rock to rock and dodging flying gifts. Once you make it to the shore, you just have to head towards the gifts to continue to the next level.

Sounds easy, right? The first levels are pretty easy, actually, but as you progress the traffic gets worse and the number of flying gifts increases, making the game more and more difficult.

This is a very addictive game with a great Christmas theme, including a special Yuletide frog and a holiday-themed objective, as well. For all these reasons, and because it's free, Christmas Super Frog is highly recommended.